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1)The govt. should introduce a new currency notes or coins & the new currency will be given to public only when they show the old currency….If anyone is giving more money than they showed previously in statemenrs than govt. should make penalty on him …. As a result Blackmoney problem will be solved.
2) Fast track court should be introduced so that immediate action can be taken to stop crime.
3)Start green revolution….Each one plant one.
4)People should make Swacch Bharat Abhiyan a successful campaign.
5)The Reservation system should be on the basis of below poverty line…not on caste.
6)Cameras in Govt. offices.So that there should not be any delay of work.
7) Utilizationof Indian products & reduce imports.
8) Proper and neat transportation.
9) By eliminating pollution.
10)Last but not the least….Women Safety should be given importance not only in speeches but in reality also…..

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