Submitted by: Vedanth Bhatnagar

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1)Implementation of what I call the ‘Work Index.’ The Work Index is a qualitative and quantitative measure of the amount of productive work an individual does. I have yet to develop the idea.
Today’s recruitment and wage system works on the ‘education’ and ‘skills’ a person possesses. Based on these, salaries are given out. But, the Work Index takes into account factors like ‘productivity’ and ‘co-ordination’ of a worker, which are of the greatest importance in a particular Nation or an Industry. Thus, the Work Index is a measure of the quality and the quantity of work, and hence automatically takes into account Education and Skill-sets. It itself can act as a salary, as it conveys whether or not a particular individual is contributing to the Society or not, and the overall Work Index of a Nation or an Industry also functions as a measure of development.
2) Campus-recruitment of students by Government Organisations such as ISRO or DRDO. This will keep the Intelligentsia of India in India and India can thus develop better equipment and technologies. India can become a World-Leader in technology if this happens.
(These 2 ideas have also been submitted to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modiji)

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