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India is a developing country right now . In order to increase the rate of developing, it is necessary to make the weakness of our country ,its strength ! The main reason of every main problem in India is Over Population & controlling it now, is not an easy job. So what if we use it for our benefit & for doing that we can use Piezoelectricity.

With the help of piezoelectricity we can create electricity by the footsteps in overcrowded places like main railway stations or Rajiv Chowk metro station (Delhi) ,events like Trade Fair, Kumbh Mela & many more areas.

With the help of this we would be able to save the huge amount of power which these places need , & it will be great if these areas would be able to create power for themselves & the power saved can be used for more different & beneficial things which will be helpful in increasing India’s economy as well .

Another main problem is pollution & to control it e-vehicles should be manufactured such that they have more speed & can tolerate heavy loads.
People should be made aware to use cycles for short distances .

India’s development is the responsibility & duty of every single Indian, so everyone should give their support & ideas towards this noble cause.

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