Submitted by: Rommel Fernandes

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I have the following ideas:

1) Capital (with long term repayment plans) should be given to youngsters to create products for exports. If they fail, the loans should be pardoned. This will produce entrepreneurs who can create world class companies!

2) Export duties should be lowered so China does not continue to enjoy a monopoly when it comes to exports world-wide.

3) Free education till the Master’s level (in all disciplines) should be given like they do in Cuba. This will give an opportunity for the children from poor or middle class people to come up in life.

4) The government can employ poor and homeless people to cultivate government land and pay them by exporting the produce.

5) India’s embassies in every country should be given enough money to aggressively advertize our country as a nice touristic destination so we can earn a lot more revenue from tourism.

6) In all states, English, the lingua-franca of the world, should be made the medium of instruction compulsorily right from kindergarten. Politics should not play with the future of children.

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