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My ideas to bring India a wealthy & Developed Country

1.Removal of Corruption completely – At every sector to take India at the super power stage. Also try to Get VETO power from United Nations Organizations.

2.Reservation Policy – Change the system completely. Reservation should be based on Annual Income of the family and not based on Caste or Religion. This will give the

poor eligible candidates to study better courses

3.Save Electricity – By replacing all Fluorescent bulbs with LED Lights across all the roads of India.

4. No street Beggars – Try to build shelters for the people who are not having homes. we can give some employment opportunities for them if they can able to do the

Jobs on Government offices.

5. Bring down the water scarcity for Agriculture – By merging all rivers across India

6. Bring down the water scarcity for Drinking – Convert sea water into Drinking water or we have to think of alternative ways of saving Rain water to bring the Ground water level to a good condition

7.Free Education with Food till 10th Standard across all the schools and the syllabus should be standardized ( By mixing Government, CBSE, ICSE, NCERT and International syllabus ) across India to revamp the old pattern of syllabus.

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