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It is very well known to all of us that about 30% of Microsoft Employees are Indians, about 35% of Apple engineers are Indians, about 36% of NASA scientists are Indians, and many more. And to top it up, we Indians are highly appreciated there.

Carrying out the research, that – “What made these people move out of India?”, “What are/were their aspirations?”, and more importantly – “Ask them they may help to develop India and provide them with the opportunity to do so.” i.e., bring them back to India and ask them to work for us.

This will help, because the talent that is somehow unrecognized by us due to our own reasons which made them to shift out of India, at such platform these people if come down to India and work for us, they may help us to achieve much better things and opportunities.

This way, even in future, we may stop our further generations to move out of India to seek better career opportunities and may be over a period of time we may attract more talents from abroad to seek better career options in India.

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