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Education and employment, population control and increased productivity are the key methods to scale up India up India to a wealthy nation. Education imparts confidence and gives us a better exposure to the world. Education adapts a person to newer techniques for productivity and can contribute to the economic growth of the nation. Employment ensures financial independence and security. Employment gives us opportunity to put our talent to use, makes our time so productive, adds to our knowledge and involve in the development of nation through tax payment. Population control is an essential factor for a nation’s upgradation. Ov er population results in poverty, depletion of natural resources, high cost of living, severe unemployment, conflicts and disputes resulting in a nation’s economic imbalance. Population control should be attained through making people aware of family planning, proper education and imparting sex education to young kids even at elementary levels. Increased productivity in every field ranging from agriculture to IT sector results in economic development of our nation. Increased productivity in one sector results in more profit that can be used for the expansion in other sectors. It also results in minimizing the number of unemployed youth and thus the energy of the youth can be well put into productive work. Higher profit results in welfare of employers also which would evacuate poverty. Bringing more innovative and creative young leaders to Indian politics could make an incredible India. We all, citizens of our India should put joint effort to Scale up India to make our country “A Wealthy & Developed Country”

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