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For any developing country focus should be in infrastructure development to increase the GDP. This realization has struck many development countries.
India can take the advantage of this.
1. Set up Global Infrastructure Development Committee (GIDC) in India.
2. Announce funding for developing nations for infrastructure development, conditions being that the infrastructure development plan should be approved by GIDC.
3. All developing nations participate and seek funding. All EPC players of India would be the execution partners to participate in the project.
4. All approvals of GIDC would be easier the plan is executed by an Indian EPC giant.
5. Give necessary approvals if the SPV is set up in India with tax money not being evaded out of India.

This way the funding would be used for development of other nation, but will get in more revenues for Indian companies and more tax money for Indian government, thus making it WIN-WIN-WIN situation. Moreover this can be a PPP to get in direct revenues for the government.

After successful deployment of this business model in 2 – 3 countries, the funding amount can be obtained from World Bank or other developed nations as well.

The O&M revenues for the EPC companies will get in annuity revenues and thus Annuity Tax money for the Indian government.

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