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To make India a developed and wealthy nation following things should be done :
1. Providing education to each and every individual , that includes basic education and technical education.
2.Controlling and eradicating corruption so that the money that’s in hand of few could be used for public welfare .
3.Providing safety to women at educational institution and work place so that they are not left behind stating safety issues .
4.To stop Brain Drain , Government needs to take some steps like bringing more Work opportunity for professionals .
5.Reducing the cost of education and making Primary education free for all , even the cost for technical education should be affordable to common man .
6.Developing tourism as it is a Good source of money and the most important factor in this should be providing safety to Women Tourist .
7.Reducing the burden of tax on common man so that they can spend more money on their education and self development .
8.Supporting small business and Industries as they also form a crucial part of Indian economy .
9.Promoting export business as it also generates lots of revenue and funds .

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