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It was once thought that India’s future growth would best be realised in the group of nations referred to as BRIC,they being Brazil ,Russia,India and China.To this group was later added South Africa resulting in the latter term BRICS.However this group of nations had nothing in common with each other and potentially represented a grouping of likely rivals,especially between India and China.While India would be advised to be on friendly terms with all nations , it would seem prudent to creat close association with those nations that share some cultural and historic ties to India in the past. Within these nations can be found significant numbers of the Indian diaspora,who could serve as potential business associates ,enabling access to the wider society within which they reside. The only political structure which currently exist to facilitate this process is the British Commonwealth of Nations, in which India represented the “Jewell in the Crown”.This is the mantle that Independent India must now claim for itself ,by virtue of it’s role in formulating a new Commonwealth of likeminded nations.

AD1 (2)

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