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To make any nation wealthy & developed, the foremost step is to change the mindset of people. Above everything what haunts me is people littering & doing rubbish on streets. Recently was in a conversation with a Bank Branch Manager who was MBA Finance qualified, he would do anything rubbish on streets from making it a washroom to painting roads red after eating pan masala. I used to have several fights with him for this ill behaviour & to my surprise he answered me, why I should do it at home, will just do this outside & keep the home clean. Also when I had visited his home which was highly spic & span, was amazed to see that they had no dustbin!!!

When I wanted to throw my green tea bag, they took it & threw out of the window. Disgusting !!!! – Again I was traumatised to see the behaviour & started educating them & he said why are they recovering Swachh Bharat cess from us, we will do it more !!!!

A professionally qualified youth working with a reputed bank in a city like Mumbai thinks this way, we have a long way to go, for there are so many jerks like this. According to Indian traditions, Goddess of wealth prevails where there is cleanliness, to make India weallthy & healthy, we have to take Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan very seriously & the first step starts from our home.

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