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Young and educated people must enter politics and throw out the old corrupt people who are looking only to loot the people’s money.
“Quality” Education to all. This will in turn eradicate poverty and starvation and give a new look to the people.
Villages have to be “modernised”. All people in village have to be educated and people must be made aware of their rightsand commitments to the country.
Education system has to be changed. Education system till the school level is good. Curriculum in college has to be changed. Quality of the colleges in India has to improve a lot. This will in turn stop people going out of the country to study and will result in stopping BRAIN DRAIN.
STOP THE BLOODY RESERVATION SYSTEM. I cannot stress on it more. Reservations ought to be stopped and chances should go only to the deserving people.
This will in turn help in exploring and developing new talents. They can start their own companies. This will mean we export more and import less.
Particpation of women has to be more. Women play a major role. As of now, they are not given much of a chance to voice their opinion in the society.
Speaking of this, firstly, India must be made a safe place to live in. Stingent laws should be made and strict punishments must be given for criminals. Law and order has to be at its highest order.

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