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The Indian consumer market has so far been defined by metro cities and tier-I and tier-II cities. There are large parts of India without basic access to education, job opportunities and proper diet. To achieve the status of a developed country it is important that schools, hospitals, banks, sports facilities and industrial growth penetrate every corner of the country. We should have “smart villages” before we can have “smart cities”. Today, some cities like Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore are bursting at the seams since all the jobs/industry seem concentrated there. We need to adopt “sustainable development” ie use solar energy to light up all the corners of the country, build green homes, reuse, recycle, reduce, have stringent laws, better law enforcement, more transparent hospitals and schools, accountable politicians – it is a tall order but the prescription for success. Swatch bharat without Swatch “Bhartiya” is not possible. Thank You

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