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Recent Entries

MMeenu dey

By giving Education to all over the India.

GGeorge Forrester

It was once thought that India’s future growth would best be realised in the group of nations referred to as BRIC

ttham bahadur sonari

India is a country with vast oppourtunities and resources. 

MManoj Modi

Encourage citrizen to pay taxes

RRishi Modi

Spending on infrastructure to boost investments

VVikrant Shetty

Encourage and promote Surrogacy. Due to the convenience, lesser restrictions and low costs of the procedures

RRishabh Jain

Make India digital. There should be a centralized information site for information about all universities from admission to results.

RRommel Fernandes

Capital (with long term repayment plans) should be given to youngsters to create products for exports.

aabhijeet chatterjee

Every public and private sector company in India should have a dedicated financial planning department so that every working

VVatika Bhatnagar

Promote tourism, India has wealth of attractive destination.

MManju Modi

!00% education, 100% food and nutrition, women empowerment, cleanliness, Eco-friendliness,



PPradeep Engineer

Bringing small-time farmers into a more organized sector, by getting the corporates to back them with their investments.

CChirag Singhal

Call every indian settled in foreign country practising different proffession such as doctors, engineer etc.

RRicha Kayshik

To make a nation developed,cleanliness should be there first.

rrishabh mahajan

Its being a honor gentlemen who is reading ang giving importance to what i am saying,

AAjay Bansal

The punishments for not following rules should increase so that noone could dare to disobey the rules.

IIndu Bansal

There should be a rule that every citizen of India should work at least an hour for the country.

SShweta Ahuja Mehra

Each Individual should ban use of foreign products and stick to use only INDIAN products.

ssantosh choudhary

As india is a vast country so any singal idea is not sufficient.

VVivek Mishra

I-Unleashed, We make people better market fit.. By our unique model AAA..

vvamshi krishna

Do not Pin everything on the Government, there are some things that can be controlled by us to make our INDIA a better place..

ssantosh choudhary

As india is a vast country so any singal idea is not sufficient.

FFalguni Trivedi

To make any nation wealthy & developed, the foremost step is to change the mindset of people.

KKhushal Bhatt

Focus on domestic demand and development as the world is going through a slowdown and volatility.

RRobert Krikourian

Teach STEM/Science, Technology, Engineering, Math as much as possible (especially to girls).

SSasi Rekha

To bring Awareness among rural people who believe Superstitous powers and black magics even in 20th century

SSanchari Chatterjee

India desperately needs industrialization to scale up globally.

AAnisha Agarwal

Education and medical facilities to all. Population control.

AAbhijeet Chatterjee

The Indian consumer market has so far been defined by metro cities and tier-I and tier-II cities.

SSourav Ghosh

Implementing the spirit of Right To Education will immensely improve human resources.


India will develop when all Indians get high quality education in lower fees.

AAvantika shaw

Introduce a benefit scheme for small-time farmers and BPL families providing them a good monthly package of money/ration

AAshu Handa

No country can prosper in current times without getting the funds from other economies as earnings.


A developing country is one which consists of broad minded people. India is a developing country but still there are certain

RRavi sundararaman

Removal of Corruption completely – At every sector to take India at the super power stage.


It should be mandatory that all political leaders including MLAs and MPs to utilise government hospitals

PPrabal Mutha

Priority For Agriculture, Utilization Of Indian Products, Effective And Affordable Public Health Care,


Skilled based training & educatuon

RRahul Sinha

Give or Create a EASY EXIT SCHEME for the Current/Past/ Closed Business entrepreneur ( proprietor/Partner) who has mistakenly defaulted with Vat Dept.

llaxmi prasad boda

An refocus on new and growth-oriented firms—most of the specialist research in this field concentrates on micro enterprises

llalat kishore swain lalat

Solve unemployment problem quickly and establised by right time right position so that our country has been economically

GGaurav Sharma

To make India A Wealthy & Developed Country, Indian Government Should Start A Dust Bill also as like Electrcity, water bill etc.

SSaurabh jain

Foreign direct investment:- Limits have been raised in certain sectors, such as insurance and construction.

nnaina narwani

my idea is to give proper education to illetrates and proper food and medication

simon jaicker

Let Government sell the GOLD at half the market rate to the public and see Making India A Wealthy & Developed Country! in one week


Education and employment, population control and increased productivity are the key methods to scale up India up India to a wealthy nation

jagriti Mishra

my idea is-
off – grid Rural Electrification-

GGhazala Naseem

To make India a developed and wealthy nation following things should be done :


women empowerment providing proper opportunities to women, safguarding thier rights encouraging


Now the scenario of India is That in India a large no. of People are Uneducated or Don’t have access to Education along with better Healthcare

MMohd Hassan Khan

I think to make India a wealthy & developed county we need to remove democracy from india

AAshwini Kumar

Meritocracy is the answer. That means, the appropriate person for job must be selected.

AAnand Verman

Education system is Faulty Relevent things are not Taught..
Relevent things like..

MManish sahni

Few Things that make India healthy and wealthy :-

SSunita katyal

India can really excel in the world by woman empowerment and encouraging women to be part of the workforce of this nation

KKavita Negi

Teaching provided to the Youths about Healthy Politics, Healthy Competition, Sincere Youths, and many more.

ddeepak sharma

i want to say that india is growing country …,. i say there are lot of people are under poverty so there are many people are also unskilled so provide a a rojgar centre

SSuman Kumar

Protecting women and place the jobs for unemployees , new investments for industries development

NNarendra Patel

India is devloping good , it ll be an developed country one day for sure.
My ideas to make our India wealthy and Devloped are

ttushar naxine


SShashank Shirolkar

There is a difference between well informed and well learned men. India has many well informed men.

GGaurav Jain

“Making India A Wealthy & Developed Country” – Sounds Interesting & that can happen by providing proper

NNirmala yadav

Make in India ka main aim h jyada se jyada product develop karna logo ko rojgar Dena.

AAbhishek Burman

India Is The Country Of Unity And Diversity, where we find lots of talent in different field

AAmith Pais

Pay more to the farmers who are the backbone of the country by way of loans and raw materials for Wealthy & Developed Country.

eekta vaswani

rservation in all forms should be abolished and a very small reservation for all backward classes and tribes

GGopiganesh Chandra Sekaran

National level Council to be formed which can have control on the money spent for our country development only through digital transfer.

TTanvi Gupta

Encourage more startups…so that 80% of wealth that lies in hands of 20% of people will get distributed.

RRamsetty yugandhar Kumar

my idea is LPG subsidy is great achievement but we cannot know when cooking gas..

MMilind Bhatnagar

I think technolligical skills should be imparted at School Level.

NNikhil Dhawan Nikhil

India dreams to develop into a superpower but a third of the world’s poor still lives here.


My Idea for making India Smarter is first of all we should make a creteria for student who are studing below 10th class



ssheeru Jeep

My idea to make India as a wealthy nation is educate every girl child in the nook and corner of every states of India.


NO MARKS CRITERIA FOR JOB. Many of the deserving candidates doesn’t get right opportunity because the marks is the


There should be knowledge and technology available to everyone which should be utilized very brilliantly to our development.


मैं अपने समाज और देश में समानता एवं विकास के एक सुझाव देना चाहता हूँ

SSukesh Kumar

By providing free education until 10th grade, by giving loans for startups @ very Low

AAshwani Sharma

Young and educated people must enter politics and throw out the old corrupt people

SShyla Golda

India is already a wealthy country,To substain its value,each individual should make it a point to purchase Indian made products 

rrakesh kumar

Manufacturing still counts for less than one-fifth of both output and employment.

RRinki Dey

As India is a developing country, so we should give more attention in its malnutrition, education and hygiene.

UUppunuthula Prashanth

The first think is developing rural areas. rural peoples is very poor so give schemes, loans free education and developing villages

AAvneet Singh

According to me citizens should be made responsible towards the society.this can be done by rewarding them if they follow rules and punished strictly if they disrespect the law.

JJasneet Singh

There Are Lot Of Things Which Can Be Done To Make India Self Sufficient But Most Important

JJagriti Mishra

My idea for making India a wealthy and developed country is don’t blame or depend on any one person just like prime minister

SSnehal Yadav

To make India developed first of all make India curreption free every one should be educated ,generate power from renewal power source

AAatif Qureshi

Free basic education, especially in the rural areas.


modi sir’s government can give an lot of new business ideas for students in all over india to start an new make in india products.

PPraveen kandwal

Govt will add low businessman with govt ya mnc company, so that everyone can easily setup their business and their products should be sold easily


In the Chotonagpur plateau region of India, the tribal women face very worse form of patriarchal discriminations in her day to day life.

SShubham Luthra

India is a developing country right now . In order to increase the rate of developing, it is necessary to make the weakness of our country ,its strength !

AAshok Kumar

India should save on Energy resources , Every body some to limit to use on Diesel/Petrol products .


We have to increase manufacturing and at the same time ensure that the benefits reach the youth of our nation

BBrinda Ramani

Every person should learn any one of the hand-craft. We should not depend upon Government for every thing.


India was and is blessed with undulant natural resources and more importantly a young population.


India dreams to develop into a superpower but a third of the world’s poor still lives here. India is one of the fastest developing economies in the world

Pooja Shetty

1)The govt. should introduce a new currency notes or coins & the new currency will be given to public only when they show the old currency

vvasanth vasanth

India has a very large youth population,
and it must use it man power in effective way.

JJitark Shah

The list is long, but primarily and in particular, the most vital one could be to throw light on one of the most critical aspects needed from a long term perspective

PPraveen kumar

save energy and try to use the same for creat new energy

RRitu Rathore

Nagarajan Srinivas said it very right that be honest to yourself and to the country and work hard.

MMandar Tulankar

Create physical and software-based smart machines. programmed to LEARN AND ADAPT

MMandar Tulankar

The Hybrid Energy Floor is the world’s first pedestrian energy floor that merges two different technologies to produce local clean energy


Infrastructure sector is a key driver for Making India A Wealthy & Developed Country & Thrust should be on Infrastructure.

AAkahay Gahi

Hello we aam janta have lots of ideas to give if the goverment takes it sirousley …

NNikhil Goel

Providing Bills free electricity to each home via solar and wind power is key to development

AAmol kulkarni

Strict and immediate action for corruption

SSuvadeep Sarkar

We have so many bibles of rules, so many conflicting ideas but I have a very simple request to my fellow countrymen…

JJose Velazquez

Individual agriculture and farming. Education on individual house construction and clothes production. Individual water filtering. Markets

Javeed Shariff

Like a common man, give the same privileges to ministers/MLAs Help poor, Development and Wealth will multiply many folds

AAbhishek kumar yadav

Agar kisi desh ko sustainable developed nation hona hai mere hisab se agar desh ka har tabka (man , women, children, youth, Old people etc ) ko apna kaam ko jimmedari

SShweta Agarwal

Make strict entry rules for anyone entering politics in terms of education, background , experience etc something on the lines of any plum job in private sector.

MManoj Sivastava

Make all of the 22 (or is it 28?) Indian languages recognized in the Indian constitution at par with English.

MMahesh Panigrahy

For any developing country focus should be in infrastructure development to increase the GDP. This realization has struck many development countries.

SShreekanth Dangi

We can achieve development by adding value to human resource.

kkartik ayyagari

Tough there are different plans for different sectors of government but if we india wanted a #developed country tag then i would suggest only

AAk Muralidaran

The Scientists, Technocrats And entrepreneurs living abroad must be offered attractive terms like Tax benefits

DDatta Tongle

we should think and develop the products beyond worlds expectation, each village should be R&D center.

AAtul Mathur

Eradicate corruption, nepotism, crony capitalism … That will pave the way for India becoming the greatest country in the world.

AAtul Mathur

Eradicate corruption, nepotism, crony capitalism … That will pave the way for India becoming the greatest country in the world.

AArvinder Pal Singh

education from the core, india to be100% literate country, most of things will settle of its own.

PPrabhakar A Singh

The Biggest Story with Govt. Backing… Solar Power and Waste Disposal Systems….


The Employment for all alone will be a Good Idea for wealthy and developed country.

PPrachi Gautam

Increased productivity in Agriculture & Natural Resources.

NNandkishor Shimpi

It is very well known to all of us that about 30% of Microsoft Employees are Indians, about 35% of Apple engineers are Indians, about 36% of NASA scientists are Indians, and many more.

BBabulal Godara

As we are listening nowdays that skill India is going to make a change. I agree yes ,it will but it still has some gaps which needs to be filled.

JJhilmil Bhansali

Let Country Run by Technocrats and professionally who would think beyond vote bank politics and handle country affairs like a company with mandate to turn around in next 10 years .

CChandresh Jain

ALLOW 100% FDI in 99% of sectors with a clause to reinvest min 90% of profits/revenue back in country .

CChandresh Jain

Promote Make in INDIA and target to reduce import to zero in next ten years .

CChandresh Jain

Switch from measuring country’s growth by GDP to Gross National Happiness (GNH) philosophy .

JJasti Yogesh


AAkshat Mangla

If you want to make India a developed nation, simply do what developed nations do; the government governs, make laws, enforce them;

JJyoti Manchanda

No Bribe or no management quota for education.

GGursheen Singh Ahuja

1.) Having One child policy for Some years

AAinesh Pradhan

India has a big deman-supply gap in education, food, water, and perhaps almost all the basic commodities.


Don’t ever run behind such miraculous “1 IDEA” because it just doesn’t exist, do whatever you are doing with 100% commitment and 100% dedication.

SSunil K Pandey

education and training. plus robust monthly MIS system (in public domain) of ministers (both for state and central) against their budgeted commitments

NNeerav Mahajan

Biometric Scanners should be available at all the places, schools, banks, shops, restaurants, buses etc.

VVedanth Bhatnagar

1)Implementation of what I call the ‘Work Index.’ The Work Index is a qualitative and quantitative measure of the amount of productive work an individual does. I have yet to develop the idea.

AAkshay Chhajed

Treat And Respect All Human Beings As One

DDaniel Lang

The ideas are already there. An important one for me is a system of minimalistic refrigeration that will support the dairy industry so vital to the people of India.

SSanjib Dutta

Skillful India: Make Maths and Science education compulsory for every child so that we have skillful people who are employable.

SSanoj Mathew

free education with training on yoga, ayurveda / Siddha, martial arts

AAjaya Kumar Mishra

Free discussion on law making without political affiliation and whips, eradication of mobocracy and strengthening the rule of law.

ddinesh ramachandran

huge investment to be made where we are strong like agriculture,ayurveda,yoga and supply to whole of the world with less cost. large scale manufacturing like China does

SShivaram K

give the power to deserving people and everything will change. be ruthless in making the way for merit

ssekhar sr

Most of the states keep at least minimum educated ministers,They have enough thought but practical and theory is different, now a days all state politician are eating money not food.

CCraig Anderson

Exactly, G. Mark Alarik, India needs a Deming v.2 to introduce the system of profound knowledge across the spectrum of India’s business leadership: focus on systems thinking

GG. Mark Alarik

OK …. FARMS …… thousands of sustainable, organic farms. Then, your economy, industries, employment, and population incomes levels will improve.

mmurugan rajagopal

all dev schemes & monitoring with ngos police, health, education, csr activities etc for each district with ngos controls, to be trasparent , easy access

hharsh pahariya

Education in India is mainly provided by the public sector, with control and funding coming from three levels: federal, state, and local.

AAnkush Varshney

Treat And Respect All Human Beings As One::


Mass awareness and facilitation of developing entrepreneur skills and activities among youths.

RRamesh Amala Srinivasan

Support farmers and promote organic agriculture to the maximum, that is our real wealth.

VV T Reddy

Abolish Reservations,Improve Justice System and STOP Corruption

VViraat Kothare

Creating a universal virtual app store platform for exchange & collaboration between users,professionals,businesses to interact with objects,information,products,services & activities using any device

kkulkarni h b

Appreciate your 175 GW solar energy production initiative,the policy towards implementation side require changes,instead of Pvt & public sector

nnishi malhotra

“Being a true Indian pay taxes always and in time and reduce Carbon Emissions”

PProf P.K.Keshap

Entrepreneurship education and execution will make India a developed and wealthy nation.

PPriya Malhotra

“Capacity Building and training Indian farmers and laborers can set the pace for Golden India”

ddharmesh jain

As India is hugely populated we should focus on basic that is food at cheaper rate .


Woman empowerment through Education

SSantanu Poit

Under this scheme each individual will get monthly 500 MB to 1 GB data on subsidized rate from BSNL/MTNL.

PPiyush Dubey

I believe the reservation system should be banned completely from our education and employment policies (including the competitive exams for jobs).

AAnurag Dubey

For any country to prosper it is quintessential to develop it’s power sector.

SSujay Ghose

Affordable Internet with good connectivity across India can empower the people and change the political system in India.

JJayesh Tanna

First and Foremost is Changing the Mind Set of the People


focus on rural skill development of young generation and agri business management programmes

MMuraleedharan Nair

Develop villages with safe drinking water, healthcare, 24×7 electricity and motor-able roads.

AAshish Manhas

Reservation system should be based on economic status and “not by caste and religion”

MMahua Mandal

100% PPP (public private partnership) for urban infrastructure developments such as roads, flyover, low cost housing, land development, urban waste managemen

AAnkit Dhawan

Awesummly is real time, automated news summary product which helps news readers to personalize their news feeds and consume real-time news summary of each article of their interest in their language

HHarinder singh

India is a wealthy nation, blessed with huge talent pool, Indian political class is the major bottleneck in the country’s growth.

SSagar Shelke

As our agriculture land utilization is decreasing year by year by land land dividations.

SSachin Mehta

A vast majority of us do not have ‘dignity of labour”.


We do find a lot of wastes being generated at new construction sites, compared to other countries.

HHitendra Patil

The most powerful way India WILL become a developed nation

MMamta Sethi

To make possibilities for social security for the people who are/will suffer in natural disasters to reduce poverty line.

LLavanya Bhanot

Making education free in India can really develop India

KKamal Mittal

Politician both Individual and  Political Party (including those in power and those who are not elected) be accountable to public for all their actions.

SSujeet Das

I believe that enhancing our technology usage in day to day life can make our lives better.

SSandesh Jain

As a democratic nation Indian govt should make a rule that all grade 1 and 2 officers and their family, all politicians, all doctors, all teachers and professors, are not make any wealth by giving their services to society or govt of India.

GGiridharan Velamore

There are some answers available now. Example: Honesty, Hard work, Freedom etc. They are right. But I think the question was what action could make a significant impact on improving the wealth of India.

PPrashant Sachdev

Fully funded projects and those with higher subscription will get implemented on fast track with public funds. And individuals should be able to claim tax-paid when investing in such project.


Following steps should be taken:

1. Company registration and other statutory license registration should be made on-line with facility for getting updates on their applications on-line only.

BBharat Balasara

Make rules and path for politician which must followed.

MMaheswar Deka

India will have to back to work and with 100 percent sincerity and honesty. Every Indian must work in order that everybody can add a contribution to the nation.

NNagarajan Srinivas

Honest and Hard work by all Indians.

LLynx Kepler

Economic freedom, that is: tha freedom to invest, set up business, conduct trade, enter and enforce contracts between private parties

GGautam Sinha Ray

River Linking be given one of the top priorities to reduce flood, draught which will not only boost farm sector but will improve transport sector also.

KKamal Gupta

A2A. You already have some very good answers, including from Lynx Kepler.

VVishal Kamath

One Idea is to reduce the tax burden and cess and encourage cashless transaction.

WWilliam Ranger

Unleash the power of the half of the population that is being repressed.